Painted Gorge

The Painted Gorge area is located North of Interstate 8 and just East of Ocotillo, CA. The access road is located on Old Highway 80. Painted Gorge is a Mountain that is surrounded by open and limited access desert. You can get to the top of the gorge by 4 wheel drive or on foot. The climb is rigorous but your efforts are rewarded by the different colored rocks along the way and the spectacular view that unfolds on the climb to the top.

Once on top the whole Valley appears. The Salton Sea to the North and Mexicali to the South. If the day is clear you can even see Pilot Knob, which is next to the Colorado River, on the eastern side of the County.

Once on top, notice the complete serenity that surrounds the place. There is no noise, even the wind keeps silent. The world appears so peaceful that one may get the impression that the world has stopped. This trip is recommended during the early morning hours to catch the sun's rays peaking over the eastern horizon.

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Last update: January 19, 1997
Photo Courtesy of Jim and Heidi Kuhn