Mountain Springs Grade

Entering the Imperial County on Interstate 8 from San Diego the traveler is welcomed by a magnificent arrangement of boulders. These boulders line the San Diego County and Imperial County lines. These rocks lie between Ocotillo and Jacumba.

Exiting Interstate 8 at the Mountain Springs Exit, travel to the old cement highway that was in service during the 20's and 30's. While noticing how narrow this road is one can image how difficult and dangerous it was to travel a mere 60 years ago.

Just west of the exit is an old spring that still contains water and next to this spring is a horse corral made of stacked rocks. Examining the the trail next to the corrals sends you back to the wild wild west. The trail head is located just east of the Jacumba Exit and travels north under the freeway. This trail is great for mountain bikes, motorcycles, and 4 wheel drives.

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Last update: July 6, 1997