Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain is an open area off-roading area. This area is located on the west side of the County and can be accessed on Huff Road which runs North from Old Highway 80. Superstition Mountain can also be accessed from Painted Gorge and Plaster City by using the routes designated by the Bureau of Land Management. Brawley and Imperial are the closest towns and offer all services necessary for the weekender.

Many motorcycle and car races are held in this area each year. The promoter is F.R.T. from Chula Vista, California. Off-roaders come from all over the country to ride or race in this open area.

Unlike Glamis, Superstition Mountain offers many different types of terrain from dry lake beds, to sand dunes, to clay hills. This diversity of terrain is what challenges the off-roaders and is what makes this area special.

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Last update: March 15, 1997